Counseling and Psychotherapy

Counseling and Psychotherapy

with Stuart Tan
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Counseling and psychotherapy are approaches toward mental and emotional healing. As a specialist in trauma managment, you will want to work with me especially if:

  • you have disturbing thoughts
  • you encountered an incident that disturbs your natural way of doing things
  • you experience dreams and nightmares that are disturbing for you
  • you find it hard to overcome a difficult moment
  • you are under a lot of pressure and feel deflated and small things get to you
  • you feel like this is nothing like you have experienced before
  • you are in need of processing the emotion but don't know how

As a qualified trauma therapist, I have worked with hundreds of people in shaping their new ways of thinking about difficult experiences and move them toward post-traumatic growth. This will be done in a confidential setting online, so that you have peace of mind when focusing on the key areas you need to heal and grow.



**Do note that for bookings of this kind, no-shows are considered as service completions because you would have taken up a time slot. No refunds or replacements shall be allowed.

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